Going for a ride?


Documenting the Art Installation “Going for a Ride?” made by the Palestinian Artist Vera Tamari.

The installation is a statement on the aggressive and deliberate crushing of hundreds of privately-owned cars by Israeli tanks in Ramallah and El-Bireh during the military incursions in the two towns in 2002. It focuses on crushed cars because of the powerful meaning cars usually carry: freedom, the open road, travel and movement. In the film, the cars are brought to life again by searching into the memories of those who rode them.



Produced by: Nahed Awwad

Nationality of the Film: Palestine

Genre: experimental

Length: 15 Minutes

Language: Arabic (with English Subtitle)



Screenings and Award: “Silver Deer” award at Ramallah International Film Festival, 2004.

The 5th Arts Against the Occupation – Japan, 2004.

Kerry Film Festival, Irland, 2005.

Boston Palestine Film Festival, 2007.

Amal Film Festival – Spain, 2007.


Tampere Film Festival – Finland, 2008.


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