Not Just Any Sea!

Part of Summer 2006, Palestine (film collection)

Palestine summer 2006 poster

“This summer I was able to steal some moments near the sea which I have memories of from my childhood. I was there the only way I could be, illegally, without a permit.”


Both established as well as new Palestinian filmmakers were invited to come together in a project that would reflect the “mood” of this summer. In three minutes or less, filmmakers were restricted to using one-shot only to tell their stories. Despite the fact that Palestinians have been dispersed across the globe, with the majority of them being refugees, “Summer 2006, Palestine”,initiated by the Palestinian Film Collective, was limited to those filmmakers who live in Palestine.

The result is a unique collection of short films from across Palestine,  delving into the personal, the political, and the poetic – the spirit of a people struggling for freedom. A mosaic of 13 short films less than 3 minutes in length, reflecting in one shot, the mood of summer.

Year of Production: 2006

Nationality of the Film: Palestine


Genre: Video Art

Length: 3 Minutes

Language: Arabic (with English Subtitle)