The Fourth Room


Abu Jameel owns a small stationary in Ramallah. Nothing changed in his shop since the fifties. The lack of freedom of movement and military raids leave him with a general sense of insecurity. Director Nahed Awwad, approaches him gently, with tenderness, asks him about his dreams, his past, and his … secret rooms….

 Clip from the film:

Produced by: Akka film, Lago film and Al-Mamal foundation

Editing: Nahed Awwad & Thomas Bachmann

Camera: Steff Bossert

Nationality of the Film: Palestine


Genre: Documentary

Length: 25 Minutes

Language: Arabic (with English Subtitle)

The Fourth Room © 2005

Screenings: Vision du Reel Film Festival, Nyon, Switzerland, 2005.

The 5th Annual Chicago Palestine Film Festival, 2005.

Film Festival a regia femminile – Italy, 2006.